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comicbook's Journal

20 April

Life is a comicbook.

Talkin' about comic books! And a bunch of other subjects like rockin' movies, and tunes that roll....

I may be pissy on occasion, but overall, I don't want to keep going over the doom and gloom of the comics industry, because that's pretty much available, oh, everywhere. I'm more interested in talking/hearing about comics that I like & enjoy.

Some sites I read up on for all the latest yakity-yak re:comics industry:

newsarama.com - probably the best source of comics info out there.
comic book resources
Joe Quesada discussion forums
DC Comics messageboards

Free Comic Book Day 2003 was a great success! I gave away tons of copies of my comic!
Free Comic Book Day 2004 was pretty good too. I didn't create a comic to give away for it, but it was fun from a fan standpoint.

comicbooks is my small comics community.