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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed graphic novel

After playing Star Wars: the Force Unleashed on my Wii, I really got into the story & wanted more. I knew that Dark Horse Comics had planned to publish a Force Unleashed TPB, but what was it, a sequel? A prequel? Fills in the side characters & background? After looking it up & finding that it already hit the stands, I went out & picked it up.

It's basically just the storyline from the game, but in comics format. I'm not sure who this graphic novel is for... if you've already played the game, you won't find much more story info here. I think it's aimed more at comic fans who won't play the game, but if you're one of those & you read this, you won't get as much story material out of it compared to the game it's based on.

It's written by the game project lead, Haden Blackman, who's written a bunch of Star Wars comics as well. And a lot of the dialogue comes straight from the game, though there are minor changes that don't work as well.

The comic could have been epic. It could have expanded on the main storyline, which is about Darth Vader training a secret apprentice set between Episodes III & IV (the original Star Wars movie).... and even though comics are a still frame medium, there could have been huge grandiose backdrops that would've made the comic stand out.

But it's almost as if this comics adaptation of a game suffered the same problem that plagues comics adaptations of movies: that the comic is being worked on before the source material is finalized, so they don't match up properly. I wouldn't say The Force Unleashed graphic novel looks rushed, but it does feel like the artists didn't quite get how large-scale the whole game was meant to be. Unlike the movies where The Force can knock a few things over & make some small objects (or the occasional big one) float in the air, in the game, The Force is a HUGE power that can bring down massive vessels & blow away crowds of enemies. It felt like the artists were still going by what they've seen in the movies.

That's not to say this is a terrible comic. The production values are pretty good; nice paper, nice colouring. The art is done by 3 artists: Brian Ching (one of the best Star Wars artists working for Dark Horse), Bong Dazo (he's ok) & Wayne Nichols (wasn't familar with his work before, but it's not bad) I'd have liked to have had Brian Ching do the entire thing, as well it made clear to him how BIG the scenes really needed to be.

The comic isn't the worst, and if you're a Star Wars fan that won't ever play the game, then this might be an adequate way to get the story info. Just could've been a lot more.

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